Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Falcons continue to visit! and bad news.

Hi All,
Bad news first: The Bird Banding Lab sent a note that one of the male falcon chicks banded on May 18th was found dead on June 3rd. Notably this coincides with comments by community members that a max of only three chicks were seen for a few days around that period. I will send any details when or if I get them. It is not uncommon. Birds do die and for falcons this post-fledging period of time is particularly difficult to survive through. I have read that survival estimates for falcon chicks through flegding to dispersal are typically very low, 15 to 40 percent.

Better news: Well, the falcons have been visiting the nest tray and have showed signs of pair bonding. While I am not sure exactly what this means it can only be good news for the pair and it is great for those of us who enjoy seeing falcons.

Many thanks for all the posts. FYI, I have responded to some questions regarign previous posts internally at those posts.

Until Next time,
Patrick Keenan
Outreach Coordinator
BioDiversity Research Institute


  1. 06-27 @ 08:19

    Have I missed a post re the peregrine camera status? Will BRI resolve the issue or is the cam closed for the year?

    JAM in IL

  2. Hi JAM, Patrick posted on the on-line community Peregrine page on the 24th that there were some definate issues with the cam & it may be down for a few weeks :(
    They may even need a new computer and I'm sure that'll be costly for them.
    If you can, come join us on Ning and watch the osprey and EC2 and join in the conversations.
    Hope to see you there. S.P.ME

  3. 07/03 @ 14:17

    Wonderful to have the cam back ... thanks!

    Also, thank you S.P.ME for the info and the invitation to Ning. I do check all the cams and sometimes scan the community comments, but have not taken the time to join in the conversations. Quite frankly, I am afraid I would get nothing else done if I started chatting with you guys... seems like a great group. :)

    JAM in IL

  4. anyone seen the falcons yet ??? Back for another spring, and hopefully will raise up a new nest full of cute , chicks ??

  5. I saw one perched on the rail this morning

  6. Falcon is on the nest keeping egg # 1 warm !! Y`aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! first egg of the spring.. hope at least 3 more eggs..will be laid.. time to update this blog and web site..Thanks

  7. I`m guessing that BRI has decided to not post or update the Peregrine web site.. they must have found something else better to do, than take care of the web sites, they ask donations for..very very very disapointing..

  8. oh well........ guess i`ll haveeto just hooeethat this years eggs will hatch.. web caams are not wrking, and no info is being updated here...and i will NOT sign up , just to find out whats happening.. what a pity..BRI had a great site here.. and now its nothing but ads...........guess i`ll donate to another , better my local animal rescue ......Thanks BRI your web cams were fun and interesting to view. Now its just too much trouble..