Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Four chicks growing fast!

Hi All,

Many thanks for all your comments. I have been very busy these past weeks trying to keep up with our webcams and also making a number of presentations about our research. Notably last Friday I shared all of our webcams with students at the Dyer Elementary School in South Portland. It is always refreshing to learn that students are getting smarter all the time.

More to the point, these falcon chicks are growing fast and have experienced a very pleasant spring. After next week we should see them begin to become more active! They will move all over the nest box and platform and they will lounge in the sun on the "porch" looking like rocks. There is still a great deal to see as these birds continue to grow.

We've been able to post recorded footage to our youtube account. So if you want to relive some highlights please visit us on youtube you can subscribe to our channel and get updates when we post a new video.

Have you been able to identify any of the prey items that the falcons share with their young?

Many thanks for enjoying wildlife and sharing this experience with all of us. If you would like to support our work and mission please visit us at and become a webcam member.

Have a wonderful day!

Patrick Keenan
BioDiversity Research Institute


  1. The chicks are growing very fast !!!look like they are a bit ahead of the chart( the link is posted in the bloogs of May 4th , 2009 ).. amazeing how fast they grow per day, as the get older...walking more on their feet, and kinda being a bit naughty , like getting out of the nest box, and exploreing a little..LOL would be interesting to watch the , ( * CATCH THE FALCON CHICK *) for a visit from the BRI folks and the wildlife , for banding and vet checks..tho understand , that its very hard with 2 ticked off FALCON parents, dive bombing the group trying to get it done.. Thanks for the great web cams.. wonderfull..i was checking the loon web cam, and saw 2 big canada geese, walking in front of the loon web cam...maybe a goose nwst this year ??!!! enjoy the wildlife , viewing

  2. Hello again !! the chicks are huge !!! and showing rapid growth of feathers...i`m thinking the 2 oldest chicks might be male as they are way ahead of the younger 2 chicks. and did read that the males can fly at 35 days thhey are full grown, and mature sometimes faster, then the females.. enjoy the 15 second updated still pics.. very nice to get a chanse to see what has changed, as far as growing . the chicks are exploring and eating and napping..also playing well with each other..thanks BRI !!hope to see the banding live if possible.. tho think not really possible..