Friday, April 30, 2010

Four Falcon Chicks!

Hi All,
We now have four falcon chicks being cared for at this site. All eggs hatched and we are watching these birds grow rapidly. In about six weeks they will be beginning to fly. It all happens fast for falcons.

In the meantime watch for these chicks to be fed regularly. Are you able to identify any of the prey items?

All the Best,
Patrick Keenan
BioDiversity Research Institute


  1. Oh my word....Banding! Might we see some great video again this year of ~4~ chicks being banded??!! There's a raffle I'd love to win - a seat on the banding expedition!
    The chicks are wonderful to watch, now that I'm over the fear of losing the last hatched, they're so fragile compared to those just days older. You all at BRI must be beside yourselves with 4 peregrine chicks! Congrats.

    J in S.P.ME

  2. I was watching a feedin last week and noticed one of the prey items was a Gold Finch.

  3. web cams are not working...

  4. 05/03 @ 17:51

    Live stream still not working but the still cam is updating. An adult left the nest and the fabulous four have been snuggled but move a bit with the still updates.

    JAM in IL

  5. 5-4-2010 6:43 pm
    It is such a thrill to watch these 4 chicks growing up! I was afraid that the youngest one might not get enough food, but, they all look healthy and strong.
    Judy in Western Maine

  6. I guess more people watch the ustream now.. read and saw one chick had fallen out of the nest box.. just read that the chick got back in the nest box.. hope all will fledge..many web cams now on the internet.. i watched a humming bird fledge this morning.. awsum !! to view that !!
    Kep watching , and many thanks to BRI !! for this wonderfull web cam of these falcons !!!!!!!!