Thursday, March 18, 2010

Falcons lay first egg on 3/18/10

Hi All,
I am happy to report that the falcons on our webcam have laid their first early this morning between 1:30 and 3:30 am. This is a very exciting start to spring. Last year the birds laid their first egg on March 20th. Here is a photo of a falcon incubating this first egg.

Peregrine falcons are widely distrubuted in North America and show variation in the number of eggs that they lay--generally they lay 3-6 eggs. The eggs are typically laid at intervals of about 48 hours, give or take. So, we will have to keep an eye on these birds in the coming days to see how many eggs they lay!

Many thanks for all your posts and please be in touch with questions and comments about what you are seeing. Don't forget to share this project with your friends and family.

All the Best,
Patrick Keenan
Outreach Coordinator
BioDiversity Research Institute


  1. 03/18 @ 17:03

    Wonderful news ... we are off to a great start!

    Do we know if this is the same female from last year?

    Thanks ....

    JAM in IL

  2. 03/18 @ 17:26

    17:25 - Incoming falcon, now incubating. Did not see bands.

    17:14 - falcon arrived with dark band on left leg. Flew off.

    I believe the chick was banded last year ... female? Guess my question should be if this is either Mom or fledged chick from last year?

    Also, I cannot remember which parent was banded last year?

    JAM in IL

  3. 3.19.10 6:55 AM
    Last year there was concern when the chick fell into the space between the nest box and the wall. I see that there is no change in the sizing of the box. I thought there would be a tighter fit this year. Also compared to last year, there are more pebbles in the box, and that's a good thing! The eggs won't be rolling away from mom as she tries to incubate them.
    MD in NJ

  4. JAM, the male is banded, female is not.

  5. 03/20 @ 10:12

    10:09 - Dad (I believe) arrived with food for Mom and she flew off with it.

    Hooray!!! Two beautiful eggs. Dad is now incubating.

    My video is not very clear and I could not determine banding.

    JAM in IL

  6. 03/26 @ 08:55

    Wow ... 4 beautiful eggs.

    Mom (no band) just relieved Dad (banded left leg) and he flew off while she remains incubating.

    JAM in IL