Thursday, February 25, 2010

The male continues to prepare the site!

Hi All,

I hope that you have all been finding the time to check the webcam and see the male falcon that continues to make visits to this nest tray in preparation for the nesting season. As you can see from this photo this bird is banded. These leg bands are a small but critical piece of evidence that allows us to be certain of the individual identity of this bird. The birds bands have unique color and letter combination that allow observers to recognize individuals.

We have been able to identify this birds bands as...silver on the right leg and a black B over a green S on the left leg. We have several queries out to researchers to get more details about this bird and we will keep you up to date about the history of this bird in upcoming keep checking back!

All the Best,
Patrick Keenan
BioDiversity Research Institute


  1. Thank you Patrick for the information, it will be interesting to see how far this falcon came from, looking forward to another fascinating Spring/Summer.
    Judy in Western maine

  2. Hello!
    When is the finch cam going to begin for Spring 2010??
    amanda in providence