Friday, October 9, 2009

Falcons in October!

Hello All,

I am happy to see all of your comments regarding the falcons and their visits over the past months.

To address some of your questions: (1)No, the blog was not abandoned but we have elected to devote our energies to other projects and priorities during the non-breeding season but are very excited about the start of next season which is right around the corner! (2)Yes, we hope to keep this camera operational throughout the year with at least one of our views. (3) As many have noted our 'inward' perspective has its struggles. I plan to address that issue next week. I truly hope that you can understand our need to prioritize amid various projects and limited time and funding.

I recommend two things to look for this October on our webcam. First, signs of nesting activity or increased activity at the nest tray. This is a good indicator of future nesting efforts and site use and often spikes during October as the day length stimulates breeding behavior and territoriality in a number of bird species. Second, keep an eye out for other falcons. We are approaching the peak of falcon migration in Maine and there is a chance of seeing other falcons in the area.

Have a wonderful fall and thanks for enjoying the webcams.

All the Best,
Patrick Keenan
BioDiversity Research Institute

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