Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Peregrine Flacons on the cam

Well, all of the activity at the nest has been very exciting. In the past these birds have laid eggs during the first week of April. So, I guess we may have some time before we see an egg. All of this activity is sure egging us on though.
Other good news is that we will have regular contributors to this blog beginning next week. Charlie Todd of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Ron Joseph of US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Bruce Connery of Acadia National Park will be sharing contributions to help educate our viewers about the life history, behavior, and conservation efforts of Peregrine Falcons in Maine and new England. This is a great chance to learn about Peregrine Falcons from wildlife experts will many years of accumulated experience.
I hope that we have a lot to talk about.

All the Best,
Patrick Keenan
BioDiversity Research Institute

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  1. I am on a mac osx leoopard and the cam for the falcon is not working.
    I wonder if others are also having trouble and what I can do....